Diabetes Mobile Clinic in Imo State: Promoting Good Health

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Aid those in rural area gain access to diabetes/blood sugar screening which would in turn bring healthcare closer to the grassroots.

The goals of this project is;

  1. Reduce the prevalence of diabetes in Imo State
  2. Ensure proper and adequate health at the rural areas
  3. Ensure and promote a universal health care coverage of all
  4. Ensure no community is left out in health care in the state

The devastationg economic impact and financial burden on the family unit and untimely death of the victims usually at their prime can better be imagined. All these adverse consequences are due to late detection and diagnoses. In Africa, undiagnosed diabetes melitus cases could be as high as 50%-85%. According to IDF, two-third (2/3) of those living with diabetes remain undiagnosed. Study also shows that out of 11 adults reported with diabetes, half were also said to be undiagnosed, let alone given required medical attention.

Diabetes remain undiagnosed for various reasons including;
* Ignorance/inadequate knowledge about the disease
* Attributing syptoms to other myths
* Poverty and inability to attend hospital
* Minimal and non-existent health insuarance.

Diabetes Mobile Clinic in Imo State

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