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This is a ‘Train the Trainer’ project that will train 30 youth (male/female) in Imo State to acquire basic VET (Vocational Education Training) training. It will empower them with a basic skill set of their choice (Fashion Design, Make-up Artistry, Hair Styling, Photography/Photo Editing, Computer Support Services, Manufacturing (Soap/Detergent Making etc) and also mentor them for a period of time. This would contribute to mitigating the high level of unemployment among the youth in the state.


The recent report by the National Bureau for Statistics 2020, reaffirms “over 590,000 youth are currently unemployed in IMO State. This represents 48.7% of its population and stands to be the highest compared to other states in Nigeria. And according to PrinceWaterHouseCoppers, this unemployment rate would continue to trend upward even as the youth expands rapidly with more than half of the population under the age of 30. If left unchecked would increase the high prevalence of crime in the state


With the outbreak of COVID19, the Nigeria economy has suffered a great economic downturn which will affect employment generation, as companies cut cost and lay off workers to stay afloat. This project would set up a VET (Vocational Education Training) facility within the state that would train youth in various skills and livelihood training. This would re-skill and up-skill the unemployed, so as to access lifelong learning opportunities and also boost economic output to enhance productivity.

Long-Term Impact

The project would train and mentor 30 youth across the state to become self- reliant and self-employed. Thereby, contribute to reducing the high level of unemployment and to a large extent mitigate the prevalence of crime perpetrated by the youth. The participants after the training and mentorship window would be provided with startups to set-up their businesses. While the facility and participants would further serve as ‘Change Agent’ in the society, who will engage in training new intake.

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