Do you know your risk? it would guide you to know your your response!!!

Today Life Transformation For Africa Initiative – Lift4Africa joined the rest of the World to celebrate 2023 World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes awareness and education was the focus of today’s outreach, it went further in stressing that the first step in preventing Type 2 Diabetes is by undergoing glucose screening to #knowyourrisk of Type 2 Diabetes. This would further guide you to understand your next response towards addressing these risks.

One in two people are undiagnosed which further heightens the risk of Type 2 diabetes in our society. Type 2 diabetes which goes undetected until various health complications –they include damage to the heart, eyes, kidneys and feet, starts manifesting. The risk of complications places significant stress on people living with diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can either be delayed or prevented by living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and maintaining healthy diet.

Some of the risk factors that increase the chance of developing type 2 diabetes include family history, weight, age, ethnicity, inactivity, and diabetes during pregnancy, some of which can be reduced through healthy eating habits and physical activity. Improving understanding and awareness of the risk factors is therefore important to support prevention, early diagnosis and timely treatment.

In today’s outreach, 2 critical cases of Type 2 diabetes were identified. This Portrays the importance of knowing your risk of diabetes. The two participants involved have never checked their blood sugar, but their results turned up to be over 400mg/dL.

With this, I would say that Today’s awareness was a success because of the impact we’ve made in the lives of not just this two individuals but everyone who participated in today’s outreach.

And to our sponsors;

Insulin for Life USA who made this possible we say BIG THANK YOU…


and partner clinics;


Noble Pharmacy and Crestline Pharmacy thanks for your over reaching support.


For our partners International Human Rights Commission-IHRC

International Human Rights Commission in Nigeria

Hammer Home The Glucose

Foundation for Positive Social Well Being

World Health Organization (WHO) together we would continue to promote the Universal Health Coverage of all while also ensuring #SDG3 – #GoodHealthAndWellBeing of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development


We appreciate you all!


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