Issues surrounding health and healthcare till date still stands as one of the major global concerns, with a large number of persons globally being affected with one health related challenge or another; ranging from communicable and non-communicable diseases, poor or inadequate health/medical facilities/supplies, and to poor policies that ensures the protection and safeguard of those affected by certain health challenges. Read More

Educational Leadership and Good Governance Africa in particular and some other developed nations are still struggling to overcome challenges of poor leadership and governance. Thanks to the poor or absence of a strong educational institutions that focuses on leadership training and skills building. To ensure good governance entails having strong educational institutions that will produce great leaders. Read More

Gender parity most especially in political representation, where a great inclusion of women in political process is needed, women and girls in Nigeria, Africa and most developing nations, faces discriminations in form of Gender Based Violence (GBV), Domestic/sexual violence and marital rape, maternal and infant mortality to mention but a few. Read More

Cyber crime today remains one of the fastest growing global threats and concern, this is due to the advancement in technology and innovations of sophisticated technological devices. Fact is, these would continue to simultaneously grow if nothing is done about it. Through our partnership with SOUTECH Hub, a leading cyber security institute in the country, we would ensure a Safe-Internet conscious society. Read More

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